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Can A Foreclosure Lawyer Still Help Me Even After Foreclosure?

It’s common for us to meet with homeowners who have had their homes wrongfully foreclosed upon by a lying mortgage company. If the foreclosure has already gone through and you try to contact a bankruptcy, or even a family lawyer, you will likely be told that since it’s after foreclosure, there’s nothing that can be done to save your home. This is not always true for every foreclosure!

After a foreclosure, you are in a legal and economical hole, probably depressed, and are at a huge disadvantage. But the game isn’t necessarily over. For example, in Alabama, foreclosures occur outside of court. Since there wasn’t a judge to decide that the mortgage company foreclosed against you, there is only the mortgage company’s lone decision that they foreclosed on you. These are the very same mortgage companies that are responsible for systematic fraud against homeowners, but still had to be given billions of taxpayer dollars to be bailed out of their own mess due to incompetence.

Big businesses don’t run the country and don’t have the right to decide when they have obeyed the law and when they have met the terms of their contract with you. To evict you from your home, they use two main tactics: intimidation and lawsuits. When they sue you in Alabama, they must come to court and a judge (or jury, if you want) will decide if they actually upheld their contract and followed the law in your foreclosure. While in court, we can also bring to light any instances of fraud or unlawful behavior that the mortgage company may have exhibited.

To recap, just because your home has already been foreclosed on doesn’t always mean you’re out of options. If you are located in Alabama and believe your foreclosure was wrongful, you have the opportunity to bring the case to court where a judge and/or jury can decide if the mortgage company foreclosed wrongfully.